Things to do for Mahalaya paksha

Things to do for Mahalaya paksha

Mahalaya paksha is one of the most important events in Hinduism. It is the event where we get the opportunity to reduce and remove our karma debts. This pitru prayers is something not to be missed at all. It is a very powerful tool where one can change their entire life.

During this Mahalaya, the pitru world is open and your ancestors, relatives or departed friends can freely come to the earth plane. They will come and visit you. Tap this energy to get their help and blessings. The moment you make them happy, they will bless you and grant your life with full of happiness.

If you notice, your life is without any progress even tough your jathagam is good, believe me pitru prayers have the power to activate your jathagam. Your life can change entirely 360.

Mahalaya will start a day after pournami (pratamai tithi) and continues until Amavasya. In a year, the most powerful Amavasya falls in during Thai, Aadi and Mahalaya Amavasya. Do not miss it.

Let me brief through on what you need to do during Mahalaya paksha.

1) Light lamp using sesame oil. Let the lamp facing north and you sit facing south.

2) Kindly have two darbha grass, two rice balls, sesame seed and water.

3) Put darbha grass (12 cm) on the plate. Put one rice ball on top of it. Pray to your ancestors (father side- 7 generation). Put sesame seed on the right palm. Flow water on the palm and let sesame seed and water flow on the rice ball through your thumb. Chant “manam kulirave” for 21x at least. If you know their names, it will be better.

4) Do the same step using second darbha grass and second rice ball for mother side ancestors- 7 generations. Do the same chanting.

5) Finally, you can chant sivapuranam or tryambagam mantra if you know, or else chant Om Namashivaya (21x).

6) Pray so that your ancestors bless you and remove all your karma debts. Say thanks to them. And chant-Om shanti, shanti, shanti (9x).

*If you unable to do it for 15 days, you may do it once on the amavasya

* After finish the puja, kindly put the rice balls in running river, or feed the birds 

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