Sri Agasthya Maha Shiva Nadi Reading

A) What is Nadi astrology?

The ‘Super Science’ of Nadi Astrology will shed light on the story of your Soul’s Journey. You will understand your past, present and future. Nadi Astrology is also known as Nadi Jyotish which means ‘Seek the Channel of the Science of Light’. Even more ‘super’ is that Nadi is the Science of Thumb Prints and the Science of Sounds too. The Divine Predictions that Nadi Astrology gives are based on the ancient and sacred inscriptions etched on palm leaves that are collectively known as Nadi. Nadi originated with The Great Sages of India. These first Mind Scientists achieved the highest of consciousness through superlatively focussed meditative practices, sound waves and other esoteric techniques. This transcendental knowledge allowed them to surpass this limited linear time reality to see the life stories, both past and future, of all souls. Their sight into the future showed them the difficulties that would prevail in modern times. Out of their deep compassion for humanity, these advanced and accelerated beings wanted to provide an opportunity for people to discover and transform their destinies and evolve their souls. The Soul Stories that they saw were written down.

B) What is Nadi leaf?

In ancient times, information was passed down orally. The written word came 3000 years after that. That is when scribes started to record much of India’s literary, scientific, spiritual and astrological heritage of over thousands of years; a vast legacy. For Nadi information, leaves of palm were the choice. The Rishis had special scribes carefully etch each letter of your story into the dried leaf with a special tool or stylus. This was done all by hand to avoid splitting the leaf. The writing was almost always continuous, without any space between words. This is one reason why the reading of the leaves requires training, as well as an understanding of the ancient languages of Tamil or Sanskrit. When the etching was complete, lamp black or turmeric was applied to increase contrast and make it readable, and oil was rubbed in to help preserve them. A bundle of leaves in the same thumbprint category, or soul grouping, were then bound with a cord between two wooden covers.  

C) How will Nadi benefit you?

A great value of the Nadi is that it gives you understanding of the link from your prior birth to your current life. Another, even greater value of Nadi, is that provides the exact ways to transform the residual karma of that prior birth. Your past really can come to haunt you. The Rishis not only wrote down your soul’s roadmap on your Nadi leaf, but also prescribed a list of ‘remedies’ or ‘course corrections’ that will put you back on a favourable path. You really can correct past mistakes or errors in judgment. Most often these remedies have you go to vortexes to make simple offerings. We are all energetic beings. By resonating with the energy of a specific vortex, your past unfavorable karmic energy signature gets retuned and your being gets rerouted back to the right path. Most often these energy vortices are temples in India. However, depending on the nature of your karma needing to be remediated, churches, mosques and other specific locations are on occasion prescribed. The performance of the listed remedies negates the residual effects of your past actions and allows you to progress with your ambitions in this lifetime.

D) Steps for Nadi reading


First you are required to give an impression of your thumb print; for females the left thumb and for males the right. From your thumb impression the Nadi Reader then can categorize your ‘Nadi bundle’ and hone in further on your individual leaf. You may whatsapp or email to us.


The Nadi Reader looks for key elements to match such as the sounds of your name and the names of your parents and verification of certain astrological details at your birth. The Nadi reader will ask many questions, your answers should be yes or no, yes or no. But recently we are using the reverse method, where we require you to answer all the general questions so that it is easier for us to find your Nadi. Nadi searching process takes time (approximately 1-2 hours per person).


The identification stage of your Nadi Reading is over once your leaf has been identified using the keys and then begins the process of translating your leaf. After your ‘Index Leaf’ has been identified the Nadi Reader goes through the information that is arranged in ‘Chapters’ or sections pertaining to different areas of your life. Reading the GENERAL kandam (chapter) is a must. The other kandam (chapter) is optional and depends on your need. 

The reader must translate the ancient form of prosaic Tamil from the leaf into modern day Tamil before he can transcribe all of those details into a “Book of Poetry”. 


The Nadi reader will give a direct explanation of what gets written in the poetry book; the Nadi reader speaking in modern-day Tamil. You may even ask for a translator to translate in English (additional charges will be applied). 

This stage is what is most often referred to as the Nadi ‘Reading’. You can ask questions and get clarification after the reading process. The Reading includes the Remedy Prescription.  This part of the Reading will be recorded and made available to you in via whatsapp or email. 

Nadi Astrology

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