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Sandhana (sandalwood) mala

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Sandalwood mala or known as sandhana mala has a more than 4000 years long history being mentioned in Indian and Chinese scripts.  Sandalwood is traditionally regarded as one of the purest wood and is valued for its cooling properties and medicinal value too. It promotes tranquility and aids in meditation. Sandalwood is very calming and cooling, it balances the pitta dosha and helps one to overcome the senses. It is said to attract positive subtle vibrations, bring clear perception, and can be used in worshiping any deity.

Doing japa using this mala can fasten the siddhi process.

Ways of wearing:

Wear around the neck and keep at the altar when not in use. 

Number of beads: 108+1

Beads Size: 8 mm (approx.)

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