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Chapter/ Kandam 1-14 (ultimate saving package)

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This package covers all the chapters reading from 1 until 14. It provides overall aspects that one needs in life. 

To take note: 

- We will take about 1 week to confirm the presence of your Nadi. 

- We will send the audio recording via WhatsApp or email.

- Money will be refunded if your Nadi is not available.

To purchase:

1) Send image of your thumb print (right for male and left for female) to 0167130621 or click the link: https://wa.link/p71a6u

(Kindly take a focused image using your handphone camera)


2) Fill in the details form: Nadi form (click here)

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Details of the chapters: 

Chapter 1 (Kandam 1):

General Kandam – helps to identify your personal details like your name, your parent’s name, and your spouse’s name. The chapter also gives general predictions for the rest of your life. IT IS A COMPULSORY KANDAM TO SEE. 

Chapter 2 (Kandam 2):

Describe your current financial status and future predictions in terms of finance potential, family, and education. The chapter also highlights your health issues and prescribes measures to lessen your financial burden. By reading this chapter, you redefine your life to lead healthy, wealthy, and blissful life with your loved ones.

Chapter 3 (Kandam 3):

Are you in search of your sibling? Do you want to understand the compatibility between you and your siblings? Chapter 3 helps you in the hunt of your sibling as well as in knowing how well you will get along with your brother or sister. 

Chapter 4 (Kandam 4):

Ideal for those who are property owners or wish to own a property. It reads vital information about one’s parents, especially that of the Mother whose blessings are indispensable to accumulate wealth and comforts. It contains readings upon your possessions such as buildings/houses, vehicles, land and material pleasures.

Chapter 5 (Kandam 5):

Are you longing for a child? Want to know the reason behind your sterility? Chapter 5 explains the reasons for you not having progeny so far and prescribes appropriate remedies. It also highlights information about your children, their birth star and horoscope and few of their future predictions.


Chapter 6 (Kandam 6):

If you are looking out for the idyllic solution for your financial crisis, chronic illness or legal battle, then Chapter 6 is the shelter for you. This chapter reveals measures to evade from your debts, overcome your illness to live a healthy life and overpower your enemies and win over legal issues.


Chapter 7 (Kandam 7):

Find out the right time for your wedding bells (1st Marriage) by reading Chapter 7 Nadi Astrology. This chapter explains the reasons for delay in your marriage and proposes remedial measures. It also reveals when you will be married and for how long will you be married.


Chapter 8 (Kandam 8):

Satiate the curiosity to know your life span by reading Chapter 8 which speaks about longevity. The chapter contains valuable information about any mishaps in one’s life, accidents and dangers that one may encounter and the exact details of one’s death such as age, date, time, Lagna (ascendant), location and Nakshatra (Birth Star).


Chapter 9 (Kandam 9):

This chapter helps to know and understand your father better in terms of his wealth, spiritual perception, fortune and philanthropic activities.


Chapter 10 (Kandam 10):

Are you finding it difficult to settle down in your dream job? Then this chapter will greatly help you. It gives you information about your profession/career and predictions upon any ups/downs you may face in your professional life and changes in jobs.


Chapter 11 (Kandam 11):

If you wish to be an entrepreneur or would like to have an idea about your business profit, this chapter summarizes it all. The chapter also reveals the chances of second marriage in one’s life.


Chapter 12 (Kandam 12):

Every one of us will be excited to know about our next birth or incarnation. It is a blessing to attain Moksha and liberate self from the continuous cycle of birth and death. This chapter contains information about your future births and also makes you aware of your upcoming expenditures and losses. The chapter is helpful to know about your chances of overseas travel as well.


Chapter 13 (Kandam 13):

“Shanti” Kandam – enlightens you on the sins that you had committed in your previous or significant births and have an impact on your current life. Prescriptions are given in order to negate these effects and turn your life around.


Chapter 14 (Kandam 14):

“Diksha” Kandam – identifies the current negative influences due to unfavorable planetary positions and evil eye casting from jealous people. These are 2 of the prime reasons for the crisis and obstacles in your life. A prescription for a sacred talisman is given that can negate the effects and provide protection.


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