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South Sea

Who should wear:
Those with kadaga (cancer) lagna/ rasi 

To ensure a happy and blissful married life, attain tranquility and assertiveness

How to Wear:
In a silver ring on the right hand’s little finger

Ruling planet:

Best day to start wear:

100% Genuine, Lab Certified, and Authentic

Pearl (Moti) is white in color and is the symbol of purity, peace and spirituality. Moon is the planet associated with pearl and cancer is the zodiac sign for pearl. Wearing pearls ensures a happy married life and protection from widow-hood. Anybody can wear a pearl and enjoy the elegance as well as the positive effects of wearing it. Wearing pearl can give tranquility and contentedness to the individual. Besides the individual gets vitality, becomes intelligent and achieves a high position in life. Pearl with a yellow luster brings wealth. Reddish pearl makes one intelligent. White Pearl brings fame and good fortune to the person wearing it. The pearls should be round in shape and should have a glow and luster which brings good luck to the wearer. These people know how to keep their emotions under control. Their memory power is good and they lead a balanced emotional life. Just as the moon is cool and calm, these people remain unflustered and have over their mind.

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