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Shree Maha Meru

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Meru is one of the most powerful spiritual archetypes that attracts divine and wealth energy. Meru emits divine energy and creates positive vibrations in the surrounding. It is scientifically proven that a Meru's aura is of purple and aqua blue in color which is observed via a Coggin's camera.

From the Bindu (tip), it emits white color which attracts the cosmic energy from the universe and releases powerful vibrations in the surrounding. Such energy brings wealth, health, success and peace. 

Meanwhile, in the holovision scan, Meru emits violet, golden yellow, and red which shows the highest energy emission and this energy goes around its energy field or aura which benefits those people surrounding it.

Meru and Mahalakshi:

Based on scriptures, Goddess Mahalakshmi came to earth as Shree Mahameru Yantra (her divine pattern). Thus, keeping a Meru ensures the Mahalakshmi's energy will not leave the house. She will permanently reside there. This is one of the easiest methods to attract the wealth element in our life. 

Material: Brass

Size: 3X3 

Weight: approx 450 g

Indication: Ours is a full solid Meru Shreeyantra (no hollow at the bottom)

Mantra to chant : 


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